Our Signal and Traffic Control Division offers virtually every aspect required to design and install a complete system that is best suited for street signaling and lighting needs. We facilitate traffic management and the illumination of roadways by using innovative technologies all in the interest of public safety. Whether designing a system for a new installation or redesigning an existing system for better use, the Signal and Traffic Controls division of Mike Brown Electric Co. utilizes the most advanced technicians and materials to insure the installation meets the highest criteria.

• Computerized Traffic Signal Systems
• Fiber Optic Communications Systems
• Highway and Interstate Signaling
• Roadway Lighting
• Streetscape and Intersection
• Traffic Signalization
• Weigh-In-Motion Systems
• Pedestrian Crossing Systems
• Solar Powered Signals
• Illuminated Signals
• Lighting:

• Interior / Exterior
• Street
• Landscape
• Security
• Pedestrian
• Display
• Parking Lot
• Signage


With more than 30 years’ experience, you can trust Mike Brown Electric Co. for your Commercial and Industrial electrical needs. We have extensive experience in constructing or renovating facilities such as schools, hospitals, high-end residential, commercial projects and industrial projects; including wastewater treatment plants and pump stations. With projects ranging up to $9,000,000.00, Mike Brown Electric Co.’s sole guideline and business criteria are customer satisfaction through a quality installation. To achieve this, we strive to assure that each project comes in on-time, under or at budget and adheres to the expectations of the many customers each project might have.

· Lighting
· Power
· Clock/ Public Address
· Fire Alarm and Intrusion
· Data
· Switchgear and Panels
· Well Feeder & Controls
· Controls/Instrumentation
· Generator


At Mike Brown Electric Co. we handle a wide range of service calls. We handle all your home electrical repairs as well as upgrades and remodels. If your business is in need of an electrical fix, upgrade or remodel we can handle that too! We feel so strongly about providing good service to our customer that we have a dedicated Service Manager who handles all our service calls. No job is too small for us to tackle. We take pride in our work knowing our reputation is on the line. As always CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through a quality installation is our number one goal.